Technology Program Overview

The UT Martin Faculty Development Technology Grant Program is designed to assist faculty members who wish to enhance their teaching through technology delivery. These grants (not to exceed $1,000) are reserved for (a) technology training (e. g., online course development, web page development, etc.), (b) computer software/hardware training, and (c) workshop/seminar (e. g., virtual courses, use of the internet, integrating technology into the classroom, etc.). Faculty Development Technology grants may not be used for the following: (a) purchase of equipment (see UT Fiscal Policy to define equipment), (b) office supplies (excluding software), (c) wages/salaries/stipends, (d) release time, or (e) conference/workshop registration, only. Software acquired with a Faculty Development Technology Grant award must be for (1) the enhancement of teaching, (2) initial purchase only, no upgrade/maintenance, and (3) must follow UT Martin Fiscal Policy Section 135, Part 02, "Software Copyright Compliance and License Agreements."

Any regular, full-time faculty member may apply for a Faculty Development Technology Grant by submitting a completed application and proposal by March 1 to the Office of Research, Grants, and Contracts.
Submit a completed application package (signed application, proposal, and required attachments) in hard copy to the ORGC and email a copy of the proposal and required attachments to the ORGC by March 1. The electronic copy should be submitted as an email attachment in Microsoft Word to Dr. Charley Deal at by the March 1 deadline. Faculty members who have previously been awarded a technology grant must show evidence that they have incorporated the material into their classrooms before their new proposals will be considered for funding. Evidence should include (a) a course syllabus highlighting activities relating to the technology grant activity and (b) an evaluation of the use of the technology in the course(s). Their proposals will then be considered equally with those from first-time applicants.

Members of the Faculty Research & Development Committee (representing all UT Martin academic units) are responsible for reading and evaluating proposals. Applicants are urged to keep their submissions free of jargon and to write clearly and concisely so that readers from across the campus can understand the project rationale, objectives, and methodology. In the event a Committee Member submits a proposal, and/or if a Committee Member's immediate family member (i. e., spouse; parent(s); children, including step-children; siblings; nieces and nephews) submits a proposal, the Committee Member will excuse her/himself from reviewing and discussing any proposals, but will participate in all other aspects of the Committee's work. It is the responsibility of the Committee Member to secure a replacement for her/him to review and discuss all proposals and to provide the name of the replacement to the Committee Chair before the Committee's initial meeting