Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee shall be responsible for the following: promoting academic excellence throughout the University; acting as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration in all academic matters; hearing student grievances as to academic services and policies, class structures, teaching practices, and any other concerns related therein; and assisting any students in an appropriate investigation of all grievances through the proper channels of University Administration and protocol.


Jade Bleskey

Academic Affairs Committee Chair - Jade Bleskey







Goals: Be active in upcoming legislation, learn to become better leaders, and actively engage students on what is going on academically at the University of Tennessee at Martin.


Cassandra Winslow

Michael Samko

Evelyn Estrada

Clark Williams

Annie Harris

*Katelynn Cunningham

Erin Criswell (FC)

Kailey Orrand-Hill (FC)

Brittany Edwards (FC)

Emily Searcy (FC)

Kristen Rice (FC)

Courtney Spires (FC)

*Ariabella Kinney (FC)


* Indicates a Senator-at-Large or a Freshman Council Member-at-Large who shall reserve a vote in Committee, but not in the full context of Senate or Freshman Council.