Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall be responsible for the following: serving as the publicity link between SGA and its various constituencies; inform the campus and surrounding communities of SGA events, including Senate vacancies through the use of any and all available campus and non-campus media; and serving as a liaison between the Student Government Association and the media.


Hailey Frizzell

Communications Committee Chair - Hailey Frizzell






Goals: Updated website after weekly SGA meetings, bring together SGA and the Department of Athletics by possibly sponsoring games and matches, extending representatives to hear concerns of the satellite campuses, and holding successful campus outreach days.




Holly Seng

Tanner Petty

Clark Williams

Logan Rangel

Casey Waiter (FC)

Evelyn Estrada (FC)

Nina Diggs (FC)

Maddison Shaw (FC)

*Zharia Martin


* Indicates a Senator-at-Large or a Freshman Council Member-at-Large who shall reserve a vote in Committee, but not in the full context of Senate or Freshman Council.