Multi-Cultural Affairs Committee

The Multicultural Affairs Committee shall be responsible for the following: acting as a special representative to SGA, responsible for gathering and communicating the concerns and ideas of the various social, ethnic and cultural groups on campus; and plan and execute in conjunction with the office of Multicultural Affairs and the Center of Global Studies the University of Tennessee at Martin's Diversity Week.


Jagger Lampkins

Multicultural Affairs Committee Chair - Jagger Lampkins







Goals: Hold a successful Diversity Week in the fall semester and visit different cultural student organizations as a way of hearing the concerns of the students.



Kiana Hope
Brandon Anderson
Emily Butler (FC)
Jadia Thomas (FC)
Jahnae Woods (FC)
Janika Smith (FC)
Jonah Brody
Lillie Brown (FC)
Logan Golden
Luke Winters
Michelle Barnes (FC)
Ray Washington IV (FC)


* Indicates a Senator-at-Large or a Freshman Council Member-at-Large who shall reserve a vote in Committee, but not in the full context of Senate or Freshman Council.