Procedures Committee

The Procedures Committee shall be responsible for the following: screening and reporting to the Senate on those appointments of the President and Vice President which require constitutional approval of the Senate; and screening and recommending to the Senate students to fill positions which require Senate appointment in collaboration with the President, and deals with amending the SGA Constitution.


Breydon Horton

Procedures Committee Chair - Breydon Horton



Goals: Keep the SGA Constitution updated, hold productive committee meetings, help to execute and maintain Roberts Rules of Order, and help other committees write legislation and resolutions.


John Hayes

Brandon Anderson

Brandon Stacks

Emily Wilson (FC)

Jade Blesky (FC)

Devin Majors (FC)

Jessica Williams (FC)

China marie-McFall (FC)

*Andre Carter (FC)

*Presley Yates (FC)


* Indicates a Senator-at-Large or a Freshman Council Member-at-Large who shall reserve a vote in Committee, but not in the full context of Senate or Freshman Council.

SGA Constitution

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Freshman Council

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