Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee shall be responsible for the following: promoting student involvement throughout the University; acting as a liaison between student organizations, Greek Life, athletics, faculty, and administration in all matters of student life; and hearing student grievances pertaining to life on campus, student activities, and any other concerns related therein.


Ashton Sawyer

Student Affairs Committee Chair - Ashton Sawyer







Goals: Use the newly selected Freshman Council as eyes to point out things that upperclassmen may not see wrong with the university anymore.



Cassandra Winslow
Malia Sanders
Kayla Patel
Dominique Poe
Scott-Joseph Pamatmat (FC)
Sarolyn Fox (FC)
Kayla Gooden (FC)
Mercedes Scott (FC)
Emma Grace Kelley (FC)


* Indicates a Senator-at-Large or a Freshman Council Member-at-Large who shall reserve a vote in Committee, but not in the full context of Senate or Freshman Council.