Freshman Council


The Freshman Council, a representative body of the Student Government Association of the University of Tennessee at Martin, has been established as a forum in which: to voice freshmen opinions, needs, and concerns; as a means to allow freshmen to participate in the Student Government Association; to inform freshmen of the operations of the Student Government Association; and to serve as an official liaison linking freshmen to the Student Government Association.


Executive Council

Hunter McCloud

Freshman Council President: Hunter McCloud








Audrey Adams

Freshman Council Vice President:Audrey Adams








Alayna Keeling

Freshman Council Secretary General: Alayna Keeling






Freshman Council Representatives

Alleyah Allen

Aly Clifton

Andre Carter

Brayden Faulkner

Casey Wiater

China McFall

Devin Majors

Emily Wilson

Emma Edmonds

Esmerelda Mejorado

Evelyn Estrada

Jade Bleskey

Jeanna Damore

Jessica Williams

Kobie Garrett

Maddison Shaw

Malia Sanders

Nina Diggs

Seth Kelso

Preasley Yates

Will Gregory

Zachary Martin

James Fogg

Freshmen Council At Large

Cassy Winslow

Ivana Cherry

Peyton Cornett

Zharia Martin