Skyhawks Share Meal Program

The Skyhawks Share meal program allows anyone to donate funds to purchase meals for students in need. Students on meal plans can also share meals from their plan on designated donation days. This program is a partnership between the Student Government Association, Sodexo, and Student Affairs.

Donating Meals

Want to donate meals?

Students on a meal plan can only donate meals on designated donation days. The next donation day is not scheduled at this time.

Don’t have a meal plan?

You can donate funds to cover the costs of a meal for a student. Sodexo is offering meals for the Skyhawks Share program for only $5.

In support of Skyhawks Share, Sodexo is offering meals for the program at a cost of $5 each. You can purchase meals that will be added to the program using this link: Donate to Skyhawks Share.

Receiving Meals

Need temporary assistance in obtaining meals? The Skyhawks Share meal program is a short term assistance program that can help students in need.


If you would like to request to receive meals, please complete this short form: Skyhawks Share Request Form


You should get an email response to your request within 24 hours. Meals added to your Skyhawk Card account can be used in the dining hall in the University Center during normal business hours.


If you have questions about this program, please contact John Abel at