Speaker of the Senate - John Domanski



College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences:

Senator Derek Anderson
Senator Alyssa Counce
Senator John Hayes
Senator Quinn Kelly
Senator Chad Lewis


The College of Business and Global Affairs:

Senator Christopher Avallone
Senator Nathan Daniels
Senator Porter Streator III


The College of Health, Education and Behavioral Sciences:

Senator Brandon Anderson
Senator Jodi Capps
Senator Clay Hilton
Senator Quala Cole
Senator Tanner Petty
Senator Meredith Brown
Senator Krista Hazlett
Senator Clark Williams
Senator Lora Moore
Senator Ashley Taylor


The College of Engineering and Natural Sciences:

Senator Annabelle Cormia
Senator Logal Rangel
Senator Brandon Stacks
Senator Brittany Woodard


The College of Humanities and Fine Arts:

Senator Brigitte Curico
Senator Breydon Horton
Senator Doug Marshall
Senator Holly Seng


Senators at Large:

Chelsea Bear, James Gilleylen

SGA Constitution

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Freshman Council

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