Student Health & Counseling Services


We are delighted to serve the mental health needs of UTM students.  We hope that you will take advantage of this resource because college can be stressful!  Our major goal is to provide students with the support they need to grow and to develop emotionally, intellectually, interpersonally, and academically.  Students come to see us for a variety of reasons, including problems in relationships, worries about academic performance, depression, anxiety, family concerns, self-esteem and self-confidence, communication difficulties, etc.  If for some reason we do not feel we can be of help to you, we will assist you to find other resources in the community to better serve your needs.



To make an appointment call (731) 881-7750

Please note: Email cannot be considered confidential.  Individual staff members may not check their email for several days if they are out of town.  Emails should never be used for emergency communication.  Please call the office should you wish to make an appointment or to change an appointment time.



We do not provide after-hours emergency coverage.  In case of emergency :

Go to your nearest hospital emergency room

Call  Pathways Crisis Line 1-800-372-0693

UT Martin Dept. of Public Safety (731) 881-7777

Call 911

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