Health Services Information

Care for Acute Illnesses

If you are experiencing symptoms of an illness such as fever, sore throat, and cough and you wish to receive treatment, please call (731) 881-7750 for an appointment.  We can also evaluate injuries, skin rashes and lesions and other generalized complaints such as headaches, fatigue and malaise.  There is no fee associated with the office visit, but you may be charged a small fee for necessary lab work (strep test, mono test, urinalysis and so on) or medication.  If you are taking any medication, be sure and bring the name and dose with you to the appointment.

Allergy Shot Administration 

Any student to whom a physician has dispensed a desensitizing antigen ("allergy vaccine") for injection may receive injections on schedule from the Student Health and Counseling Services’ nurses and store the vaccine at the clinic.


Allergy injections will be given only if written orders and instructions from the prescribing clinician are on file.  Such instructions must include, as an absolute minimum, a clearly intelligible order or dosage schedule for each antigen or mixture, indicating the amount to be administered and the interval between injections.


Patients must supply the serum and maintain primary responsibility for reordering serum. 


Allergy injections will only be given only when a nurse practitioner or physician is present.


Patients must wait 20 minutes or time specified in orders after injection to be monitored for signs and symptoms of adverse reactions.


A charge of $2.00 for one injection and $1.00 for each additional injection will be assessed with each visit unless the student supplies his or her syringes and needles.  Student Health and Counseling Services will store the supplies for the patient.


A student who has received vaccine while at home during a break must present evidence of this  IN WRITING from the administering clinician before continuing the injection schedule at Student Health and Counseling Services.


The University of Tennessee at Martin Student Health and Counseling Services reserves the right to decline to administer allergy vaccine, or to discontinue administration once it has been begun, to any student, for any reason, at any time.


The University of Tennessee at Martin and its employees cannot be responsible for adverse consequences of allergy injections administered in compliance with the prescribing physician’s orders, or for loss of vaccine stored at Student Health and Counseling Services



Immunizations help prevent certain diseases and are a vital component to a student’s health maintenance program. 

The following immunizations are available at Student Health and Counseling Services:

Influenza vaccine:

($20.00) People at high risk for influenza A and B should receive vaccinations each year. People at high risk include those who have chronic heart and respiratory conditions, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, anemia, or conditions that decrease immunity. Other individuals who work closely with persons at high risk should also receive this vaccine. Also individuals who live and work in crowded communities (such as college campuses) are at increased risk of contracting and spreading influenza and should consider vaccination.

Hepatitis B vaccine series 

($35.00 per injection) Recommended for all people during their childhood or teenage years. Other groups include adults who are, have been, or plan to be sexually active with multiple partners or if their work exposes them to possible contact with the blood of others. Vaccinations are safe and effective protection against hepatitis B which can have serious consequences, including liver failure, cancer, and death.

Hepatitis A vaccine series

($20.00 per injection) Recommended for all people during their childhood years. Other groups include adults should be vaccinated if they are at an increased risk, traveling to or working in countries that have high or intermediate hepatitis A endemicity, have occupational risk of exposure, or using injection and non-injection illicit drugs.  MSM should also be vaccinated.

Combined Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A vaccine series

($40.00 per injection) See above for recommendations for specific groups.

Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap)

($35.00) Recommended for adults aged 19-64 to replace tetanus and diphtheria toxoids vaccine (Td) for booster immunization if they received their last dose of Td 10 or more years earlier and they have not previously received Tdap and  who have or who anticipate having close contact with an infant aged less than 12 months (e.g. , parents, child-care providers, and health-care personnel).


Students should also consider the following immunizations which can be obtained from private clinics or health departments:


College freshmen living in dormitories are at increased risk for meningococcal disease and should be vaccinated with MCV4 before college entry if they have not been vaccinated previously.

Varicella(Chickenpox vaccine)

Routine vaccination of all healthy persons aged 13 years and older without evidence of immunity.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Vaccine

Recommended for females age 13–26 years who have not yet received or completed the vaccine series.

Students traveling out of the country can call (731) 881-7750 to make appointment to discuss recommended/required travel vaccines.


Women’s Health Services

Students are eligible for a wide range of gynecologic and women’s health services. Services related to sexually transmitted diseases, safer sex, contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and referral, routine gynecologic care, and annual exams are offered at Student Health and Counseling Services. There is no fee associated with these services.  Students may also receive oral contraception (birth control pills) and injectable contraception (Depo-Provera) at no cost. Students can call (731) 881-7724 to schedule appointments for these services.


Health Services providers are also available to counsel pregnant women about their options. Women who choose to terminate a pregnancy via surgical or medical (including RU-486) abortion will be referred to qualified specialists who have the training, facilities, and technology to provide the best possible care for our patients. Women who choose to continue a pregnancy will be referred to qualified obstetricians in the community.


Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing and Treatment

Student Health and Counseling Services offers male and female students free and confidential STI screening.  Students can receive the treatment for Chlamydia and gonorrhea at no cost. HIV testing is also available free of charge.  To schedule an appointment, please call (731) 881-7724.


ADD and ADHD Treatment and Management

We DO NOT provide testing or diagnostic services for ADD or ADHD.  If a student provides documentation of diagnosis we can manage the medication.  Please call (731) 881-7724 to speak to the clinic nurse regarding acceptable documentation.


Referral Services

If you have a chronic illness such as diabetes or are in need of comprehensive medical evaluation we will help you establish a relationship with a local health care provider. Students are financially responsible for all charges associated with the services.


Sexual Misconduct

Know what to do if you or someone you know is a victim of power-based personal violence.

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Suicide Prevention

If you have had thoughts of suicide, know that you are not alone. We are here to help.

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