The Satellite Campus Students

If you are a currently an enrolled student at Ripley, Selmer, Jackson, or Parsons, you are also eligible for services at Student Student Health and Counseling Services located on the Martin campus. If you cannot travel to the Martin Campus, we can provide a list of community resources in your area.

Below is a list of facilities that provide mental and health services in your areas. Some of the facilities provide services at low cost or on a sliding scale.  Students can also call their provider for referrals in their area. Students are financially responsible for all charges associated with the services.

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Medical Health Services

  • Lauderdale County Health Department 731-635-9711 or 4661
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital (326 Asbury Ave., Ripley) 731-221-2200


Mental Health Services

  • Baptist Memorial Hospital Inpatient Facility 731-221-2501
  • Professional Counseling Service 731-476-8967
  • Togetherness House Drop-In Peer Counseling Center 731-635-8802
  • William F Walker Counseling Center 731-635-3968


Medical Health Services

  • Madison County Health Department 731-423-3020 or 0443
  • Jackson-Madison County General Hospital (620 Skyline Dr.) 731-541-5000
  • Convenient Care – North Clinic (2859 Hwy 45 Bypass) 731-660-8360
  • Convenient Care- Forest Ave. (648 Forest Ave.) 731-422-0276


Mental Health Services

  • Pathways 1-800-372-8297 Crisis 1-800-372-0693
  • Quinco Counseling Center 1-800-532-6339 | crisis 1-800-467-2515
  • ADHD/LD Clinic 731-660-2850
  • Jackson Clinic 1-800-372-8221
  • Lakeside Community Resource Clinic 731-664-0010


Medical Health Services Decatur County Health Department 731-852-2461 Decatur County General Hospital (969 Tennessee Ave. So) 731-847-3031 Mental Health Services Quinco- Decaturville, TN 1-800-532-6339 crisis 1-800-467-2515


Quinco 1-800-532-6339
crisis 1-800-467-2515

Emergency Services

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Immunization Compliance

The General Assembly of Tennessee requires first time students to provide proof of immunity or immunization for measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and Varicella (Chicken Pox).

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