Sociology Program


The mission of the Sociology Program is consistent with the College of Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences, and the Department of Behavioral Sciences mission. The mission is to teach students how to apply the sociological perspective to social life. Students learn fundamental sociological concepts, as well as sociological theory, methods of social research and data analytic techniques. Through in-depth analysis of major social institutions and processes, students arrive at an understanding of how people and organizations behave in society.


As outcomes of the Sociology Program's mission, our students:

  1. Apply the sociological perspective to social life;
  2. Understand sociological concepts;
  3. Demonstrate comprehension of sociological theory;
  4. Understand methods of social research and data analytic techniques;
  5. Understand how people and organizations behave in society and have a detailed knowledge of the organization of society;
  6. Can describe the similarities and differences between pre-industrial and industrial societies;
  7. Can describe similarities and differences between rural and urban dwellers in the same society.



The program offers a major and minor in sociology. Students take courses with experienced and professionally active faculty who are interested in the quality of education that is received. Faculty members attend conferences and conduct research not only to advance the discipline, but also to increase their own understanding of the subject matter. As students develop skills and understanding of the research process they are able to participate in faculty-initiated projects or to design and pursue their own studies. Those who wish to pursue graduate study are actively helped to locate in a graduate department compatible with their interests and needs. Those who choose to seek employment upon completion of their degrees will enter the labor force with marketable skills in data analysis, oral and written communication, and study design.

Careers in Sociology

With a bachelor's degree in sociology, you will be prepared for a wide range of jobs.

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The Sociology Club

The Sociology Club is open to all Sociology majors and minors.

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