Extended Campus

A second cohort of Social Work majors is being proposed for the extended campuses. The Social Work component will be offered in a five semester format. However, the curriculum is spread over six semesters below. Although SWRK 200 and 220 can be taken in the same semester, they are broken out below to allow the completion of upper division course prerequisites. Other core requirements should be taken as students prepare to begin their upper division social work courses. The start of upper division courses in Fall of 2011 is intentional to allow the cohort to be prepared to enter each class having already met the required prerequisites.


Fall 2011

Social Work 200 – Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare

Biology 110 – Introduction to Biology


Spring 2011

Social 220 – Understanding Human Diversity and Oppressed Populations

Zoology 201 or 251


Summer 2011

Any prerequisites for Fall may be taken to be ready to begin upper division major classes.


Fall 2011

Social Work 300 – Social Welfare Policy and Services

Social Work 320 – Human Behavior and Social Environment I (Zoology is a prerequisite)


Spring 2012 ( SWRK 320 is a prerequisite for all the following classes)

Social Work 330 – Human Behavior and Social Environment II

Social Work 340 – Social Work Practice I

Social Work 350 – Social Work Skills and Techniques

Social Work Elective (may be taken at anytime)- any course number ending in a "5"


Maymester 2012 (SWRK 340 is a prerequisite for all courses)

Social Work 400 - Social Work Practice II(could be offered in Fall 2012 if preferred by students)


Fall 2012

Social Work 410 – Social Work Research and Evaluation (Math 210 is prerequisite)

Social Work 440 – Social Work Practice III

Social Work 460 – Social Work Senior Seminar

Social Work 470 – Social Work Field Preparation


Spring 2013

Social Work 490 – Social Work Field Instruction (All courses required for graduation must be completed prior to enrolling for this course.


Perhaps the greatest strength in the Social Work Program is field instruction.

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