Student Organizations

Social Work

Student Social Work Association

The Student Social Work Association serves to provide students with an opportunity to investigate major social problems from both an academic and service oriented frame of reference, and to participate in the activities which will serve to coordinate these two approaches. Its aim is to make students more knowledgeable about social problems of national scope and to provide students with opportunities to devise and implement meaningful remedies for the problems at the community level. The organization is open to all students who are interested in becoming involved through services to the University community as well as the larger geographic area of Northwest Tennessee.


Alpha Delta Mu

Alpha Delta Mu is a national honor society exclusively for social workers. The society gives special recognition to social workers who have performed at an exceptionally high academic level. Junior and senior social work majors have achieved high scholastic attainment are encouraged to seek membership in Alpha Delta Mu through the assistance of their faculty advisor.


Perhaps the greatest strength in the Social Work Program is field instruction.

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Scholarship Opportunities

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