The Org Advantage Card

Could your organization use some extra cash? Then get a Org Advantage Card and earn money for attending student organization events. At the Presidents Roundtable Meeting held on Tuesday November 6, 2007, the presidents expressed a need for funds for printing. To accommodate our student organizations the Office of Student Organizations has created the Org Advantage Card. This is a voluntary program designed to provide funding to organizations for printing and supplies. To enroll in this program, an organization has to register with the Office of Student Organizations and pay a $10 registration fee when they update their organization at the beginning of the fall semester. The organization will then receive a Org Advantage Card that will be on a separate Skyhawk Silver account, to provide for the organization's operational needs, and can be used on campus anywhere a Skyhawk Card is accepted. All participating organizations will receive a $10 credit for every Presidents Roundtable Meeting and Student Organization Fair they attend. Roundtable meeting will be held every first Tuesday of the month at 8:00pm and we will have 3 meetings a semester. We will also have at least 3 Student Organization fairs each semester. This is an easy way to earn money for your organization!

The uses of these funds are for the explicit uses of Student Organizations and will be monitored for such use. The president or contact persons of the organization will be responsible for the use of the card. The funds available on the card will not rollover to the next semester.


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