What is OrgSync?

OrgSync offers a web-based hosted platform that provides the essential tools and applications needed to organize and manage communities, organizations and their members. Our Collaborative Community Portal System is designed specifically to enable students, officers and university staff to communicate and interact more effectively, while building an online community for the entire university.


OrgSync's customer service pledge combined with our cutting edge platform, allows us to offer our customers the ultimate Web 2.0 experience. Our team is extremely passionate and we look forward to building a long-term relationship with your university and student organizations.


What is the Collaborative Community Portal System?


OrgSync's Collaborative Community Portal System is founded on three types of portals that build the OrgSync community foundation. The user portals, organization portals, and umbrella portals are all synchronized together to create a collaboration system that connects users with their organizations, and organizations with their governing bodies.


Each user has their own personal portal that provides them with all the critical information from their various organizations. Centralizing the user's information allows the user to quickly get up-to-speed in a single glancing view. The personal portal is also customizable and allows users to arrange the layout to meet their personal needs.


The organization portal is a members-only portal that is easily customized and setup with the modules that best meet the organization's needs. Each portal contains an assortment of tools that have been specifically designed for group collaboration. All portals are also part of a larger community based on their affiliation within OrgSync.


The umbrella portal is designed for governing bodies to efficiently oversee several organizations. These community-wide portals have modules that are engineered to collect, process, and distribute information in bulk. For large communities the ability to quickly disseminate information to many organizations and users is critical to effective operations.


Our innovative Collaborative Community Portal System has made OrgSync the leading hosted portal service provider for universities and their affiliated organizations.


OrgSync is the leading provider of organization management software for higher education institutions across the United States and Canada.

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