Joining a RSO

Becoming a member of an organization is how you gain access to that organization's portal and information.

How to Join an Organization:

  1. From Community Home, click OR click Organizations > Add Organization under the appropriate Community.
  2. Organizations are listed alphabetically and by Category.
  3. Utilize the Search bar to narrow organization list
  4. View Profile will show information about the specific organization.
  5. Click once you have found your desired organization.
  6. Enter your organization's password if you know it, or Request to Join with a reason* if you do not know the password.



For member recruitment, Organization Leaders can send out invitations for you to join their organization if they know your email address. Invitations can only be sent by organization administrators, often the president or leader.


Invitations can be accessed from Inbox. Invitations are also emailed to the recipients email address and can be accepted by clicking the link in the email.

How to View and Accept Invitations:

  1. Go to > Go to Inbox > Invitations
  2. Click Accept next to the pending invitation you want to accept.
  3. The organization you accepted the invitation for will now automatically be listed under Organizations.


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List of Organizations

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