Student Organization Review Board

Role and Structure

The Student Organization Review Board reviews all petitions, constitutions, and information sheets for proposed Student Organizations. After review, the SORB will make recommendations to the Coordinator of Student Organizations as to the eligibility of a proposed student organization for Temporary Status.  The SROB membership must be unanimous in vote in denying temporary status for a proposed Student Organization. Rationale will accompany a denial. Approved proposed student organizations will be forwarded to the Coordinator of Student Organizations for presentation to the University Council at the prescribed times as listed in the Student Handbook. During the interim between approval by the SORB and the actual approval of the University Council, the proposed student organization will be granted temporary status as an organization and will be expected to follow the guidelines for temporary student organizations as set forth in the Student Handbook.


The SORB shall consist of the Dean of Students, the Director of the University Center, the Student Government President’s designee, an Officer from the Office of Public Safety, one faculty/student organization advisor representative, and one student organization president.  The SORB membership will not include current members of the University Council.


The Coordinator for Student Organizations will coordinate the meeting times and set the agenda for the SORB.


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List of Organizations

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