New Organizations

How to Start a New Organization
(Or revive an Inactive Organization)

STEP 1: Submit a Development Intent Form to the Office of Student Organizations.
To begin the process of establishing your organization, you will need to fill out Student Organization Development Intent Form.

  • This document notifies the Office of Student Organizations that there is interest in creating a new student organization.
  • This document will identify the student(s) intending to from this group.
  • This document will also identify the campus faculty or staff who will serve as their advisor.

(Social Greek letter organizations, are required to submit a detailed statement indicating the reasons it believes a new fraternal organization is needed and desirable, its own purposes and goals, a description of the distinctive qualities it could bring to UT Martin and its Greek system, and, documentation of support from the potential fraternal organization's national office in the form of an expansion proposal and local alumni for a colonization effort, and for their participation in the full development of the new fraternal organization.)

STEP 2: Meet with the Coordinator of Student Organizations

  • Upon receiving the Development Intent Form, the Coordinator of Student Organizations will schedule a meeting with the students in order to explain the process of forming a new student organization.
  • This meeting will cover what will be required of the group to prepare their application packet.
  • This meeting will cover how the proposed organization can function while developing.
  • After this meeting, the group will be able to schedule University facilities to hold up to three interest meetings.

STEP 3: Conduct Developmental Meetings
The group will conduct their information meetings and begin developing their application packet to submit for approval to become a recognized student organization.

STEP 4: Submit application packet to the Coordinator of Student Organizations

  • Application packet will include a Petition and a Constitution and any additional information that is needed.
  • After reviewing the packet, the Coordinator will schedule a meeting with the group to discuss any issues with the information.


STEP 5: Reviewed by the Student Organization Review Board


STEP 6: Forward to the University Council Approval

If the application is recommended to the University Council, that group will be granted temporary status from the time of the recommendation by the review board until the time when the University Council can make an approval or denial decision.


Download a PDF copy here.


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