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Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

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Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Who's Who

Through the years of serving higher education, Who's Who Among Students exists as one of the most highly regarded and long-standing honors programs in the nation, having earned the over-whelming respect of college faculties and administrations. For the students - the outstanding campus leaders of the year - national recognition by the Who's Who program marks a pinnacle of scholastic achievement.

Selections to Who's Who Among Students are made each fall. Campus nominating committees, created to nominate the upper-classmen and graduate students eligible for the program, are composed of representatives from the faculty, administration and student body.


This procedure of local nomination succeeds in highlighting the individual and diverse service to community and the university. These are the young adults who enhance the positive image of American youth through their contributions to community and the university. Because curricular and extracurricular programs at universities vary greatly, each college is assigned a quota of nominees. This quota is carefully calculated to ensure a well-rounded representation of the student body. All nominations must be endorsed by a college's faculty or administration.


It should always be remembered that college students are the reservoir from which our nation draws its leadership strength. This feeling about American students is the guiding principle behind the Who's Who Among Students program.

2013-2014 Honorees:

Ben Allen

Kimberly Boswell

Lauren Brown

Megan Burcham

Heather Butler

Shannon Cheatham

Carley Cherry

Mary Clayton

Jessica Cobb

Catelyn Cochran

Patty Cupples

Makala Daniels

Sarah DeRiemacker

Jennifer Flenorl

Brandt Gibson

Jarmeisha Gladney

Erica Glisson

Kelly Hatley

Samantha Hill

Caitlin Hoffa

Mary Jackson

Alexandra Jacobi

Cody Jarman

Victoria Johnson

Andrew Jordan

Heather Kee

Stephanie Klink

Kate Kucherenko

Brandon Liggett

Brien Luck

Miranda Martin

Sarah Martin

Amanda Mason

Jamison Matney

Dana Maurizio

Charles McClellan

Stephanie McFall

Nateela McGhee

Jami Miller

Matrekia Minter

Ashleigh Morrow

Roslyn Moseley

Jesi Ogg

Jennifer Parrish

Krishna Patel

Saumil Patel

Emily Plymesser

Kelsey Reed

Emily Reese

Matthew Roberson

Samantha Scott

Secily Scott

Austin Scott

Stephanie Sellers

Julie Simpkins

Brian Smith

Rachel Steiner

Taner Swinea

Henry Thompson

Amber Thompson

Molly Waxman

Sarah Weiss

Samantha Wheatley

Allison Whimpey

Megan White

Christopher Wiggins



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