Academically Eligible - Warning Standing

What Places Me On Academically Eligible - Warning Standing?


Students are considered to be on academically eligible - warning standing when their cumulative (overall) GPA falls below a 2.0. All academically eligible - warning standing issues are handled in the Student Success Center.


How Long Do I Stay On Academically Eligible - Warning Standing?


A student remains on academically eligible - warning standing as long as he or she maintains a cumulative GPA below 2.0. While students are on academically eligible - warning standing, they must maintain a 2.0 semester GPA, or they will be placed on Academically Ineligible Standing.


What Are The Requirements of Academically Eligible - Warning Standing?


Academic Continuation, as described in the UT Martin catalog states that students will automatically be placed on warning at the end of any semester if he/she fails to have a 2.00 cumulative GPA. If a student on warning fails to achieve a 2.00 cumulative GPA, the student may continue (on warning) as long as a semester GPA of 2.00 is maintained. Warning will be removed once a cumulative GPA of 2.00 is regained, indicating satisfactory progress. Should the student fail to demonstrate satisfactory progress after one or more continuous semesters of warning, he/she will be academically ineligible.


The student must enroll in a 1-credit hour Retention and Success course to develop a contract from improving his or her academic progress. In this course, the student will work on the established plan that will lead toward improved academic progress. This plan will be tailored to meet the individual needs of each student and may include supplementary work with reading, writing, mathematics, and study skills computer software, work in the Hortense Parish Writing Center or the Math Lab, and/or work in a group or individual tutoring sessions.

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