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Supplemental Instruction Information

Our Job Is Your Grade!!!


Supplemental Instruction (SI) is:

  • An academic program to help students improve their understanding of course material
  • Aids students in developing productive study skills
  • An informal way for students to work together to explore important concepts, review class notes, discuss reading assignments, test taking strategies and review for tests

The SI program provides:

  • Regularly scheduled (3 per week), peer-led study sessions that are planned according to the availability of the majority of the class (I will often change session times throughout the semester when I see they aren't being offered at a time that is convenient for those who attend sessions!)
  • Sessions led by a trained SI leader who has already successfully completed the class you are in.
  • Is FREE to all students enrolled in the class
  • Extra sessions available during exam time

The SI Leader's Responsibilities:

  • Attend class along with you
  • Take notes, complete reading and homework assignments
  • Prepare test reviews based on class lectures and class materials
  • Take each exam (except for the final) in order to have post-test reviews and brainstorming sessions to help prepare for future exams.

Did you know that students who attend SI sessions typically earn one half to one letter grade higher in the course than those who choose not to attend? Well, it's true...and it's FREE! So, I hope you will consider attending the SI sessions for this course throughout the semester I look forward to getting to know you and working with you in class!


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