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    • The TOEFL test includes a Speaking section. This section includes six tasks, and test takers wear headphones and speak into a microphone when they respond. The responses are digitally recorded and transmitted to ETS's Online Scoring Network where human scorers rate them. The scorers are carefully monitored for accuracy, so test takers and score recipients can be assured of the reliability of the Speaking scores.
    • The Writing section has been expanded. The new test requires test takers to write a response to material they have heard and read, and to compose an essay in support of an opinion. Human scorers also rate the responses to the Writing tasks via ETS's Online Scoring Network.
    • The test is about 4 hours long. All sections will be completed in one day, so there is no need to travel to the test center twice.
    • Note taking is allowed. Test takers can take notes during timed sections of the test.
    • The scores help to explain the test taker's English ability. ETS provides comprehensive scoring information that will include scores for four skills and a total score. Competency descriptors for each skill and level are available at These descriptors help to explain what the new scores mean. In addition, test takers will receive helpful performance feedback on their score reports.
    • The scores will be reported online. Beginning in September 2005, test takers will be able to view scores online 15 business days after the test, as well as receive a copy of their score report by mail. Colleges and universities will be able to view online scores starting in 2006, but they will continue to receive scores via their current method of delivery.
    • A practice test is available at TOEFL Practice Online at Join the online community for free and get access to Speaking samples, discussion boards, and daily study tips. Use a credit card to take the practice test for US$20 and receive instant scores for the Reading, Listening, and Writing sections of the test. Additional Listening and Reading questions are available for US$40.
    • Register by phone at 1 (800) 468-6335 or online at


If you need more information or wish to register for a test, please call (731) 881-7727, go by 211 Clement Hall, or email

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