Pros of Attending Summer School

Brandy Cartmell,

Interim Executive Director

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Martin, TN 38238


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Pros of Attending Summer School

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Shorter time periods for completion (5-10 week sessions)
  • More personal attention from faculty/raises self-efficacy
  • Way to earn transfer credit to other schools if needed
  • Focus on fewer classes to receive better grades
  • Earn a degree faster if you treat summer as “extra semester”
  • Complete travel study in summer

"Degree In Three"

If you treat summer semesters as “extra” semesters you can be on your way to graduating within three years, instead of four.

Summer School 2014


Begin: May 12, 2014
End: May 30, 2014

1st Term Summer

Begin: June 2, 2014
End:    July 3, 2014

2nd Term Summer:

Begin: July 8, 2014
End:  Aug. 8, 2014

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