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UTMLD is UT Martin's own long distance service provided exclusively for students, faculty and staff working or residing on Campus.  Once you have our service, you will find that it is very easy to use.  You will receive your own Personal Authorization Code (PAC) to use on Campus for great long distance savings!  Even if you use a cell phone or another long distance service to use off-campus, using UTMLD from your room or office can save you money!

Stop by room 212 of the Boling University Center or call 7900. Let us show you just how much money you will save using UTMLD for your long distance calls!



This is the Model 2500 desk set that comes with a standard line installation.
Since we repair these phones in-house, it's guaranteed forever.  If you have one without the new "Dial 9" label that has the UT Martin and Skyhawk logos on it, please let us know and we'll put you on the list for an updated Model 2500 replacement free!

This is the Cortelco 2210 single-line analog speakerphone, replacing the numerous Panasonic models we've sold in the past.  This phone incorporates the most asked for features:
Tilt-up Caller ID display with number memory - Voicemail message waiting light - Headset jacks (2.5mm & Plantronics) - "In Use" indicator for shared extensions - 10 one-touch speed-dial buttons - 10 additional two-touch speed-dial buttons using keypad - Built-in aux jack to add your cordless phone - Hold, redial, flash, mute etc.

Cortelco 2210

The Cortelco 2220 two-line analog speakerphone replaces the previous Panasonic models.  This phone has the basic features of the 2210 with the addition of a second line.  When line 2 rings you just pick up...  it automatically switches to that line and reverts back to line 1 when you hang up.  In addition to the tilt-up Caller ID display, Voicemail message waiting light, dual headset jacks, line-in-use indicators and 10 one-touch speed-dial buttons, it has a 99 name/number searchable directory you can program and speed-dial from.  The aux jack is connected to line two.

Cortelco 2220

This is the NEC DTerm E 8D digital speakerphone, replacing previous three-line Panasonic and four-line Bell analog phones.  The 8 buttons can be programmed as Line Appearances to monitor the status of other phones within your office so you can see if someone is on their phone before you transfer a call.  Buttons not used for Line Appearances or Functions can be programmed as one-touch speed-dials.  It has an adjustable Caller ID display, Voicemail message waiting light and a Plantronics headset jack built in.

DTerm E 8D

The NEC DTerm E 16D digital speakerphone, which replaces the previous DTerm III 16DC.  It has all the features of the 8D including the adjustable display, Voicemail message waiting light and Plantronics headset jack, with the addition of 8 more buttons.

DTerm E 16D

The NEC DTerm E 32D digital speakerphone, which replaces the previous DTerm III 16DD.  If you transfer a lot of calls to phones within your department, the extra buttons can be programmed to speed-dial them.  The 32D also has the adjustable display, Voicemail message waiting light and Plantronics headset jack.

DTerm E 32D


Did you know your Voicemails and faxes can be delivered directly to your Outlook email Inbox?  Contact Telecommunications for details on Unified Messaging!



Voice over IP technology adds a multi-line SP-20 DTerm to your computer desktop or a hardware DTerm IP speakerphone anywhere there is an internet connection on Campus.



Only under rare circumstances does Telecommunications sell or maintain "analog" cordless phones of the type you can plug into your line at home.  If you'd like a cordless phone for your office, they are available from local sources like Radio Shack and Wal*Mart, or Campus vendors like Staples.  Brands that have been tested by Telecommunications include Radio Shack and Uniden.

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A 2.4Ghz CORDLESS PHONE!  The 2.4Ghz frequency is used by the Campus Wireless Computer Network and will cause interference.  Please look for models using the 900Mhz or 5.8Ghz range.

In an office environment with many similar cordless phones, if you're away from your desk with your cordless phone and try to make a call, you could possibly connect with the closest base nearby rather than your own.  In this situation, you would actually be using the other phone's telephone number!  By the same token, someone could unintentionally be using yours.  Since Telecommunications has no control over radio waves, we can only bill any long distance charges incurred back to the number they were actually made from.

Before you purchase a cordless phone, check with your office neighbors and see if they are using one.  If so, look for a different brand for your office.  Once you find one you like, let it charge up overnight and the next morning unplug the base from the electric outlet, take your handset and walk around the area you anticipate using your new phone and try to make a call.  If you get dialtone you're on someone else's line.  Telecommunications recomends you return the phone to the place you purchased it and consider another model.

Once you are confident your cordless phone is not connecting to someone else's base, there is still a possibility two cordless phones of the same frequency may utilize channels within that frequency close enough to hear the other's conversations.  If you hear someone else's conversation on your cordless phone, try changing channels.  Instructions on how this is done should come with your cordless phone.  Remember, Telecommunications does not sell or support cordless phones, so very limited assistance can be offered for the various models available.  The most we can do to resolve service calls complaining of "crosstalk" between cordless phones is to advise you to either read your manual or go back to using a wired phone.



What's a desi? It's telephone parlance for "designation label", originally the little paper circle in the middle of a rotary dial.  These days, any telephone label is referred to as a desi.  Originally our desis were printed using a typewriter, but now Telecommunications has software to print desis.

If you've had a DTerm for a while, your desi may have become hopelessly covered in white-out over the years.  If you'ld like a new desi printed up, contact us.

If you have a Model 2500 its desi should have both the UTM and Skyhawk logos on it.  If not, let us know and we'll fix you up.

We also have desis for the Cortelco models so you don't have to hand print what you've programmed your speed dial buttons for!

2.5mm?  Plantronics?

The Chameleon ClearCel headset is available from Telecommunications.  This is a very rugged headset that can take the snags and drops of everyday use.  It has a comfortable ear-loop and a noise canceling microphone.  For any phone with a 2.5mm headset jack.

Chameleon 2004

Two of the most popular "over the ear" style Plantronics headsets are the H31 and H41, both in stock at Telecommunications.  The H41's earpiece sits outside the ear, whereas the H31 has a replaceable "earplug" style earpiece more suited to noisier environments.  Please check the Plantronics website for additional models including over-the-head styles, we can save you money off their listed prices!

H31, H41


Sure you can use a speakerphone, but most are half-duplex, which means that what you hear gets cut off when you speak.  The Polycom conferencing systems are full-duplex and there isn't that annoying switching... it's like the other side is in the room with you.

VoiceStation 100
The VoiceStation 100 works great in your office or small meeting room.  It rents for $10 and can use your existing telephone line or we can install a temporary connection.
SoundStation Premier
Here is the top-of-the-line conferencing solution!  This expandable unit can be used with only the base unit and its three built in microphones, or you can add two external microphones for more coverage.  For larger meetings, the satellite speaker can be connected along with two more microphones.  The satellite speaker also includes a wireless lapel microphone if needed for a roving presentation.  This system can also have a cordless telephone connected so that if it's necessary for the group's conversation to become private between one of the group and the party on the other side, activating the cordless phone will mute the entire conversation and allow the person to walk away from the group, then return the group to the conversation when the cordless is hung up.  Rentals range between $12.50 and $20.



The Campus Telephone System allows for 3-party conferencing simply by using the appropriate key on your phone or by "flashing" to put one party on hold while you connect to the next, then "flashing" again to connect you and the the other two parties.

Conferences of you and up to 7 more parties are available by contacting Information Services at 7000 and scheduling your conference.

In addition, Telecommunications allies with other campus departments to get any audio presentation you need onto or off of the telephone lines.  You can connect to a teleconference and use a PA system for large audiences, and in the same manner have your presentation available for up to 7 remote sites to dial in to.

Contact Telecommunications with any inquiries.



102 Crisp Hall

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