Changing your Voicemail Greeting

Sometime you may need to change your Voicemail Greeting. It was relatively easy to record when you initially set up your account, but it takes a bit of button pushing to get back to it now that it's in there.

Those of you with "Press 1 for so-and-so" Auto Attendants should already have the instructions specific to those accounts (if not, let me know and I'll email them to you).

For those of us with "regular" Voicemail accounts, you can follow these steps to change your greeting:

1. Call 7590 and enter your security code just like you normally do to check messages.

2. When the voice starts talking, press 3 to "Manage Your Account".

3. Press 1 for "Personal Options".

4. Press 3 to "Record Your Personal Greeting".

5. Press 2 to "Record Your Normal Greeting". Your current greeting will be played back for you.

6. Press 2 to "Record a New Greeting". The voice will tell you to press 2 to start and 2 again to stop recording.

7. After you're finished recording and saving , the voice will tell you to press 6 to review, 5 to save or 4 to start over. Hopefully all you'll have to do is press 6 and 5.

8. After you're satisfied that everything sounds OK and you have it saved, press the "star" button until the voice says "Thank You For Calling" and hangs up on you.