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Acquiring the necessary equipment for trombone study is the responsibility of each student. A professional quality instrument s necessary to properly study and perform solo and ensemble music. For a serious student, collecting equipment begins early in one’s career and will more than likely continue throughout his or her professional life. If you are going to buy something, make it the best – a good piece of equipment is an investment and will last a lifetime.


Some student find it practical to give their family and relatives a catalog to use for gift ideas at birthdays and holidays. There are several merchants that you can use to procure items, but Hickey’s Music is my vendor of choice:


Hickeys Music:
104 Adams Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 1-800-HICKEYS (1.800.442.5397)

Required Instruments/Equipment

  • Professional quality trombone with F-attachment (F & G-flat attachments for bass trombonists) and mouthpiece
  • A metronome – either a traditional metronome capable of subdivision that can be used with headphones or an equivalent application on your smart phone
  • A tuner – either a traditional stand-alone tuner capable of discriminating pitch from A=438 to 442 or an equivalent application on your smart phone. (iPhone users: the Tonal Energy app is the suggested application for ios devices)
  • Dress for UTM Trombone Choir performances will black long sleeved shirt/blouse, black slacks/skirt, and black dress shoes (No athletic shoes!). Most large ensembles in the Department of Music ask you to provide a black tuxedo/black dress for concert performances as well.
  • Freshman and sophomores will have to pay for their own accompanist for jury and recital performances until they pass into upper division.

Required Trombone Texts

Other texts than the ones listed below may be assigned, please consult Dr. Frye BEFORE purchasing!


Tenor Trombone

  • Complete Vocalises - Bordogni/Mulcahy
  • Warm Up Studies - Remington/Hunsberger
  • The Musician’s Practice Planner - Molto Music


Bass Trombone

  • New Method for the Modern Bass Trombone - Aharoni
  • 70 Progressive Studies for the Modern Bass Trombonist - Gillis
  • Warm Up Studies - Remington/Hunsberger
  • The Musician’s Practice Planner - Molto Music


Other Required Texts - (Assisgned as needed)

  • Working Towards Excellence - Paul Buyer
  • What to Listen for in Music - Aaron Copland
  • The Savvy Musician - David Cutler
  • Mastering the Trombone - Kleinhammer/Yeo

Other Required Items

  • Active membership in the International Trombone Association (ITA)

These are minimum requirements. Most trombone students will acquire more instruments and accessories during their years in college. During the course of each semester, students should plan on purchasing additional music, texts, and accessories as necessary as well as paying accompanist fees. Try to budget $150 to $250 per semester for such expenditures.



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