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The Women's Center offers a wide variety of programs and events for students, faculty, and staff.

Women's Center Speaker Series

The Women's Center Speaker Series is a program designed for students that seeks to create interest and awareness of issues facing women in today's society. There is one program each month (usually the second Tuesday unless interrupted by a university scheduled holiday or break). The programs run from 12:15 to 12:50 when scheduled.

Women's Studies Symposium sponsored by the Women's Center

The Women's Studies Symposium is a mini-interdisciplinary conference. It features a keynote speaker and conference sessions on various topics. It will incorporate an Equalitea (see information below). The Women's Studies Symposium is held the last Tuesday in March in honor of Women's History Month.  Students are encouraged to attend. For more details, contact Dr. Teresa Collard at womenscenter@utm.edu.

Women's Center Equalitea

The Women's Center Equalitea is an event that celebrates an important woman in history. The event features a presentation or performance about the featured woman. Tea and scones are served during the event, and participants are encouraged engage in discourse related to the presentation or performance. This event takes place in conjunction with the Women's Studies Symposium. However, individuals may attend the Equalitea independent of the conference. For more information on the Equalitea contact Dr. Teresa Collard at womenscenter@utm.edu.

Special Projects

The Women's Center will engage in offering a wide variety of projects and programs created to enhance growth and interest in women's issues, problems, and concerns.
The Women Leading Locally Thinking Globally Project is currently being developed by the Women's Center. The innovative purpose of this year-long project is to empower minority and first generation college students, through education and experience, to assume leadership roles in their communities and regions.  The project will be conducted in partnership with the Office of Student Affairs.  Student Affairs currently conducts a Leadership Initiative program wherein they provide general leadership training to students involved in various leadership roles on campus. Approximately 20 participants (sophomores to early juniors) who have been through the Leadership Initiative program would then be selected for this project.  This project, provided by the UT Martin Women's Center, will enhance the leadership training provided by Student Affairs by offering opportunities for more focused instructional and educational experiences in the area of female leadership and the global issues faced by women.


The Women's Center, thanks to the generous donations of campus and community members, has a growing library dedicated to women's issues, gender, etc.  We lend our books to students for two week periods. Students are welcome to come browse our collection of books during hours of operation.
The Women's Center hosts a book drive each fall. However, book donations are always accepted. If you wish to donate books to the Women's Center, please contact us at womenscenter@utm.edu. We will make arrangements for collecting the books.

Safety Programs

The Women's Center, through the assistance of campus security experts, offers personal safety programs to students.


Feb. 12

Lunchtime Speaker: Sexual Harassment
12:15 PM

Feb. 26

Lunch Time Speaker Series: LARC
12:15 PM

Mar. 12

Lunchtime Speaker: Yoga
12:15 PM

Mar. 21

Battle of the Sexes
7:00 PM

Mar. 26

Anne Blaschke
6:00 PM

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