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Photos and Videos


2004 Class Photo Powerpoint
2005 Class Photo Powerpoint
2006 Class Photo Powerpoint
2007 Class Photo Powerpoint
2008 Class Photo Powerpoint
WestStar 20th Anniversary Powerpoint
2009 Class Photo Powerpoint
2010 Class Photo Powerpoint
Reunion 2010
2011 Class Photo Powerpoint



Class of 2011 visits Hardin and McNairy Counties


2012 Legacy Leadership Videos

John Scott, Shelby County Interviewed by: Cary Vaughn

Harvey Livingston, Haywood County Interviewed by: Tim Stokely

James Ross, Madison County Interviewed by: Amy Griffin

Franklin Smith, Haywood County Interviewed by: Andy Helms

Dr. Nick Dunagan, Weakley County Interviewed by: Randy Huffstetler and Joey Mehlhorn

Jim Fitzhugh, Lauderdale County Interviewed by: Greg York

Jeff Griggs, Henderson County Interviewed by: Josh Reed

James Allison, Madison County Interviewed by Pam Nash

Charles Patterson, Chester CountyInterviewed by Jim Garland

June Walker, Fayette County Interviewed by: John Thorpe

Virginia Ann Walker, Fayette County Interviewed by: Alexandra Wardlaw

Betty Shelton, Fayette County Interviewed by: Linda Jones

Dan Paschall, Henry County Interviewed by: Emory Bradley

Ret. Justice Lyle Reid, Haywood County Interviewed by: Sarah Levy

Dr. Gene Gulish, Henry County Interviewed by Lisa Casteel

David Jowers, Henderson County Interviewed by: Melissa Davis-Lindsey

Charles Farmer, Madison County Interviewed by: Frank Wagster

Dr. Karen Bowyer, Dyer County Interviewed by: Margaret Prater

Jim Ayers, Madison County Interviewed by: Dave Bratcher

Becky Fly, Madison County Interviewed by: Kayla Taylor

Marty Sisco, Obion County Interviewed by: Phyllis Rauchle

Larry White, Dyer County Interviewed by: Patrick Williams

Paul Blount, Hardin County Interviewed by: Emery White

J. H. Luckey, Gibson County Interviewed by: Chad Lowery

Mayor Dale Kelley, Carroll County Interviewed by Jill Holland

Don Farmer, Gibson County Interviewed by: Julie Allen Burke


Bo Booth, Gibson County Interviewed by: Tom Witherspoon


Ed Timberlake, Tipton County Interviewed by: Lessie Fisher



2011 Legacy Leadership Videos

Joe Barker, Madison County. Interview by: Teresa Sanders

Eric Bell, Chester County. Interview by: Emily Shelton

Speaker William Berry, Henderson County. Interview by: Michael Harper

Dr. Bruce Blanding, Madison County. Interview by: Darron Billings

Ernest Brooks, Madison County. Interview by: Trey Rabon

Lt. Gen. John Castellow, Crockett County. Interview by: Gary Reasons

Jack Cheshier, McNairy County. Interview by: Russell Ingle

Mike Cox, Obion County. Interviewed by: Leigh Schlager  

Vance Dennis, Hardin County. Interviewed by: Kyle Etheridge

Bill Emerson, Crockett County. Interviewed by: Jasper Taylor  


Dorothy Goodrum, McNairy County. Interviewed by: Justin Broadway


Andy Hooper, Henry County. Interviewed by: Tony Lawrence


Jeff Huffman, Tipton County. Interviewed by: Tim Sallee


Dan Hughes, Henderson County. Interviewed by: Tim Rogers


Bobby Hysmith, Chester County. Interviewed by: Beth Naylor


Carl & Alice Kirkland, Madison County. Interviewed by: Frank McMeen


Robert Kirkland, Obion County. Interviewed by: Lindsay Frilling  


Ben Marks, Benton County. Interviewed by: Jennifer Hayden  


Junior Moore, Weakley County. Interviewed by: Jason Brigance


Houston Patrick, Weakley County. Interviewed by: George Daniel


Mary Kate Ridgeway, Henry County. Interviewed by: Mary Hickman

Edgar Shults, Jr. Dyer County. Interviewed by: Gurpal Bindra


Bill Williams, Henry County. Interviewed by: Gary McEntire


Jerry Wilson, Robert Rooks, and Allen King; Haywood County Interviewed by: Sonia Outlaw-Clark, Nancy Cates, and Lisa Carlton


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Administration Building, Room 321

Martin, TN 38238


(731) 881-7298


Virginia Grimes


(731) 881-3298


Jordan Jones