The Hortense Parrish Writing Center


Things to Know Before Conferring with a Writing Center Consultant

1. Bring your assignment sheet and come prepared to explain your work and to ask questions.


2. Tutoring sessions last about twenty (20) minutes. If you need more time with a tutor, make an appointment.


3. As center consultants we can:

- Read short papers (six or fewer pages).

- Read material written for academic purposes.

- Explain patterns of error.

- Suggest options for correcting grammar.

- Suggest options for improving organization and content.

- Explain documentation styles and formats.

- Act as a sounding board during the writing process.


4. But we cannot:

- Proofread or point out every error.

- Grade or mark on your papers.

- Explain the instructor's purpose or assignment.

- Write papers for students.

- Read a paper unless the author is present.

- Read papers at the computers.

- Read the same paper multiple times.

- Read plagiarized material; the student must document all sources.




Mar. 31

Talk Time
3:00 PM

Apr. 04

Literature from around the World: A Roundtable and Reading
12:15 PM

Apr. 06

Preparing for the GRE (General)
12:15 PM

Apr. 07

Talk Time
3:00 PM

Apr. 11

The Lie that Tells the Truth: Creative Writing Workshop
12:15 PM

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What should you know?

Things to Know Before Conferring with a Writing Center Consultant

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