Program/Learning Outcomes

Communication Skills

Outcome: Students who use the Writing Center to engage in discussions about purpose, audience, tone, voice, the writing process, basic grammar and mechanics, and conventions of format and structure will demonstrate expanded skills in reading, writing, and thinking critically and creatively.


Information Literacy

Outcome: Students who use the writing center to engage in discussions about using electronic environments for drafting, reviewing, revising, editing, documenting, researching, and sharing texts will have a greater understanding of when information is needed and will have an improved ability to locate, evaluate, and use the needed information.


Global Awareness

Outcome: Students who use the Writing Center for one-with-one tutoring, workshops, roundtable discussions, and Talk Time will have numerous opportunities for improving cross cultural understanding, international awareness, and appreciation of their own culture.





Nov. 05

Sports Writing and Journalism: Writing for a Wider Audience
12:15 PM

Nov. 11

Effective PowerPoint Presentations
12:15 PM

Nov. 13

Staff Meeting (Center closed
12:15 PM

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What should you know?

Things to Know Before Conferring with a Writing Center Consultant

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