The Hortense Parrish Writing Center



Writing Center consultant Mary Beard works with a student writer.


Writing consultant Steve Flowers enjoys discussing a writing project with an English major.



Each February, the Writing Center hosts an activity during the annual Civil Rights Conference. For the 16th Conference, the focus was on Black superheroes and comics. Writing Center staff members collaborated with Dr. Melvin Hill, associate professor of English, and Heidi Busch, electronic resources librarian at the Paul Meek Library.



Students and faculty gather for a special roundtable in the Writing Center.



Campus writers gather to share their work at a roundtable discussion in the Center.



Visiting international students make Talk Time exciting with comics and comments about pop culture.

Almost all of these photographs were taken by writing consultant Steve Flowers. Mr. Flowers truly enjoys assisting student writers in the Hortense Parrish Writing Center.


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Things to Know Before Conferring with a Writing Center Consultant

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