Information for Students

209 Andy Holt Humanities Building

Martin, TN 38238


(731) 881-7277

Center Coordinators:


Dr. Kelle Alden

Information for Students

How do I schedule a consultation at the writing center?

We accept clients on a walk-in basis, so just show up during our hours of operation! If you want to schedule an online session, see our page on Zoom tutoring.

What should I bring to a writing center session?

While it’s fine to arrive empty handed, we recommended you bring the following if possible:

  • The prompt/instructions/rubric for any classroom assignment you want to discuss.
  • Any outlines, drafts, or writing you’ve done so far.
  • Your student ID (this is required if you want to print something. We have access to a Skyhawk printer, but it requires money.)

How do sessions work?

When you arrive, let a tutor or assistant know that you want to work with someone on your writing. A member of our staff will sit down with you. Writing center sessions are discussion-based, some come prepared to engage in a helpful conversation about your paper.

How long do sessions last?

During busy times (like midterms or finals), we may have to cap sessions at thirty minutes. Tutors will try to leave you with some parting advice so you can work on your paper while they help other clients.

What can we do during a writing center session?

We can talk about any stage of the writing process, including brainstorming, outlining, organization, drafting, revision, research, creative writing, and source citation. We even talk about grammar, and rather than proofreading or editing (which is only helpful short-term), we strive to explain grammar concepts so you can leave feeling more confident in your ability to spot and correct sentence errors.


Please note that we cannot assign grades or guess what your grade will be (that’s the instructor’s job). We also cannot look your paper without you present. Furthermore, we sometimes run out of time and cannot go over everything (it takes, on average, 30 minutes to go over three pages of an essay), so plan ahead!

How do I prove that I went to the Writing Center?

Starting in Fall 2018, we will document all writing center sessions electronically. Make sure to sign in and out of the writing center. If you conduct a tutoring session, a staff member will create a written electronic record of that session, and your instructor will be able to request that electronic record as proof of your attendance.