Faces of UTM

Maryanna McClureMaryanna McClure

Dyersburg, Tenn.

It’s not very often that livestock from a family farm help you meet the President of the United States, but Maryanna McClure’s Cotswold sheep did just that.

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Blake StevensBlake Stevens

Brighton, Tenn.

Some students come to UT Martin for the academics, some for the athletics and some for the small-town charm. Blake Stevens came for the orange juice.

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Chrystal AllenChrystal Allen

Memphis, Tenn.

Chrystal Allen dreams of becoming a corporate director of operations, a position she’s watched her father hold for many years. Business management is in her blood, and UT Martin is helping her continue a family legacy.

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Stephen WhiteStephen White

Camden, Tenn.

Many young athletes dream of being a character in a video game; not many can actually put themselves in one. Stephen White, a sophomore from Camden, however, has an eye for graphic design and a proven skill in boxing.

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Kevin AndersonKevin Anderson

Los Angeles, Calif.

Kevin Anderson is more than “just a football player.” He’s also as aspiring businessman, a community leader and a father – he even admits to singing in the shower.

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Mikaela HardyMikaela Hardy

South Fulton, Tenn.

Mikaela Hardy knows that college life is more than just classrooms – it’s an experience – and she’s here to make it count.

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Flint PerkinsFlint Perkins

Scotts Hill, Tenn.

Flint Perkins came to UT Martin in order to change his career path. While he learned many life lessons as a paramedic and continues to volunteer as a certified scuba diver for water rescue and recovery, Perkins is pursuing his dream of becoming a wildlife officer.

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Alisha ErvesAlisha Erves

Tyrone, Ga.

Coming to UT Martin from a town outside of Atlanta, Ga. was a big change for Alisha Erves, but with the support of her volleyball teammates and with her heart set on becoming a sideline reporter, Erves has found her place at UT Martin.

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Rachel RobisonRachel Robison

Paris, Tenn.

Rachel Robison understands that in order to live the total collegiate experience, a student should get involved, stay connected and take on new challenges.

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Kendal BrookinsKendal Brookins

Memphis, Tenn.

Not every hobby can translate into a career, but Kendal Brookins discovered that her passion for doing hair and makeup for her friends and family could provide the foundation for her future goals.

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