Faces of UTM

Dr. Mahmoud HaddadDr. Mahmoud Haddad

Martin, Tenn.

Finance is not something many people study by accident. However, Dr. Mahmoud Haddad, who has taught the subject for more than three decades, did just that.

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Diana RamosDiana Ramos

Union City, Tenn

Most seven-year-olds don't know what they want to do when they grow up. Diana Ramos was different.

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Laura and Callie CroomLaura and Callie Croom

Greenfield, Tenn

Laura and Callie Croom come from a long line of UT Martin alumni and, when their turns came to go to college, they were happy to carry on the tradition.

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Danny WalkerDanny Walker

Martin, Tenn

Thirty-two years in veterinary practice will teach you a thing or two. “Don’t leave a sedated dog on the table,” said Dr. Danny Walker, assistant professor of animal science.

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Maryanna McClureMaryanna McClure

Dyersburg, Tenn.

It’s not very often that livestock from a family farm help you meet the President of the United States, but Maryanna McClure’s Cotswold sheep did just that.

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Blake StevensBlake Stevens

Brighton, Tenn.

Some students come to UT Martin for the academics, some for the athletics and some for the small-town charm. Blake Stevens came for the orange juice.

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Chrystal AllenChrystal Allen

Memphis, Tenn.

Chrystal Allen dreams of becoming a corporate director of operations, a position she’s watched her father hold for many years. Business management is in her blood, and UT Martin is helping her continue a family legacy.

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Stephen WhiteStephen White

Camden, Tenn.

Many young athletes dream of being a character in a video game; not many can actually put themselves in one. Stephen White, a sophomore from Camden, however, has an eye for graphic design and a proven skill in boxing.

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Kevin AndersonKevin Anderson

Los Angeles, Calif.

Kevin Anderson is more than “just a football player.” He’s also as aspiring businessman, a community leader and a father – he even admits to singing in the shower.

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