Rachel Robison

Paris, Tenn.


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Rachel Robison understands that in order to live the total collegiate experience, a student should get involved, stay connected and take on new challenges.


Robison, a senior marketing major from Paris, always knew business would be a good fit for her, and at UT Martin she feels prepared to navigate the corporate world.


“I always knew I was business-oriented. ... I would be the boss of a business and make my friends or my little sister be my employees. I knew from the very beginning that I should be doing something in business but I didn’t know what that was,” Robison said.


However, when she started taking business classes, she was determined to find her strengths. "My first semester that I was in the business building, I took a wide variety of classes. I took an accounting class, a finance class, management, marketing and political science just to see what I felt like was best for me and it was definitely marketing," She said. "I have loved every single one of my professors and I think that it’s the perfect way for me to be able to show my personality and interact with people.”


Sports marketing is something Robison is particularly interested in, and the College of Business and Global Affairs has presented several opportunities to help her obtain hands-on experiences in her desired field.


“Since I’ve been at UT Martin, I’ve had a lot of chances for experiential learning. I have gotten to go to the 48th Super Bowl in New Jersey. ... And I’m actually getting to go back to the Super Bowl this year [February 1, 2015]," she said. "It’s going to be in Arizona and it’ll be the 49th Super Bowl. I’m very excited about that. The Pro Bowl is also going to be taking place in Arizona. So, we’re going to get to stay even a little bit longer for that.”


But her trips to the Super Bowl are not the only exciting experiences she’s had at UT Martin. “I have also gotten to go to the Golfweek Amateur Golf Tour. I was able to be an intern there through sports management and got to see the production of putting on a golf tournament,” she explained.


Robison and three other advertising students were also selected to attend the Advertising Women of New York Conference in New York City in November 2014. The attendees were chosen based on the results of an interview and application process.


Robison has the personality and practical experience to succeed in the business world, and with the opportunities that UT Martin has afforded her, she feels prepared to step off the commencement stage in May and into a successful marketing career.

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