Ke'van Yarbrough


Jackson, TN


Ke’Van Yarbrough talks about two loves – writing and music. His love for writing has influenced his career direction, while his love for music offers an artistic outlet for the junior secondary education major from Jackson, Tenn. His goal is to teach English in middle or high school.


Ke’Van came to UT Martin in part to participate in the marching band. But, his interest in the university began earlier as he noticed that many Jackson-Madison County teachers had attended UT Martin. “Coming here for me was a great decision, because a lot of my mentors, the teachers that I really looked up to, the teachers that I was really inspired by, came from UT Martin,” he said. His interest in writing was already formed when he arrived on campus. “I love writing. Writing is a passion of mine. I enjoy reading as well – reading other people’s thoughts, their feelings.”



Although Ke’Van knows what he wants to do, whom he teaches is still undecided. “I thought I wanted to teach high school, and that was my plan, and it’s still a part of my plan,” he said. “But, after observing middle school, and having an opportunity to teach with middle school students this semester, I’m beginning to think twice.”


Regardless where his teaching career takes him, Ke’Van is preparing for his profession in a setting that fits his background. “I love the scenery here. I’m a country boy at heart,” he said. “Although I live in Jackson, I do not live in the city. Technically, I live in Madison County.” A break from studying often means a walk around campus, and an astronomy course inspired him to write a prose titled “Somewhere Out There.” The piece explores “different aspects of space – beyond what we can see.”


Ke’Van Yarbrough already sees a future full of possibilities. His gift for writing will someday help young people achieve their potential as he reaches his personal goal of becoming a teacher.

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