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In high school, Sarah Johnson took agricultural courses. It was through these courses that she discovered her passion for animals. Johnson attended a preview day at UT Martin. Of her experience, she said, "I got to meet some of the older people who were in my major and they encouraged me and said it was a really good place to be for that major."

"I didn't grow up on a farm. I haven't had cows or horses.


But I took Ag classes at my high school. We have a small farm off my high school's campus that we could go to. We learned how to build shoots and how to handle the animal in the shoot," Johnson said of her experience with animals before attending UT Martin.

Johnson's favorite class so far was her introduction to animal science lab. Of the class, Johnson said, "It was really hands-on. We got to castrate some bull calves. We got to play with some baby pigs. They were just a few days old. And we got to give them shots, castrated the male ones, docked their ears, and docked their tails, too. It was really neat."

It did not take Johnson long to discover the many possibilities that the agriculture major has to offer. Of her career goals, Johnson said, "I would love to be a veterinarian. Then again, I would love to stay in the animal sciences, too." She continued, "I learn more options every day. I'd love to look into pharmaceuticals for animals, and be a pharmaceutical rep and travel. There are so many choices."

Agriculture was not the only interest Johnson brought with her to UT Martin. Johnson was also a cheerleader while in high school. Now, Johnson cheers on the sidelines at UT Martin.

"Game Day makes it all worth-while. We have a lot to be proud of," Johnson noted of the football teams successful season thus far. She continued, "Our guys are doing great! We get to stand on the sidelines. So, we get to hear more of the feedback. And you can tell they're all really excited. They're these big, tough football players, but they turn into little kids again. You know all their hard work has paid off."

"I absolutely love it here," she said. "The campus is great. The faculty and staff, they're great. They will go out of their way to make sure you get exactly what you need." Whether she is working with animals or cheering, Johnson knows she found the university for her.

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