Amber Simmons

Dyer, Tenn.



Amber Simmons knows she eventually wants to enter the medical field, and she’s gained an internship that is showing her the ins and outs of the medical world.


Simmons, a junior biology major, isn’t certain what field of medicine she wants to pursue yet, but in the Pre-Medical Internship Program of West Tennessee Healthcare, which she is participating in, she is able to explore and observe various fields of medicine.


“I’ve just always liked science,” she said, “ I find it very interesting.”


To obtain the highly sought after internship, Simmons filled out an application and sent three letters of recommendation. From the applications only a few are selected for an interview round before final selections are made. Out of 44 applicants 14 were awarded internships.


“I go and observe over 26 different departments,” Simmons said.


She has observed at a mental health facility, a gastrointestinal laboratory, Milan General Hospital, a radiology department and more.


“I’ve seen quite a few surgeries,” she said. “I think it will maybe tell me which department I want to work in or what specialty I want to go into and just give me a better idea what to expect ... my favorite one would be radiology so far.”


Though still undecided, Simmons is leaning toward going into pediatrics and hopes to continue her education at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis.


But right now, she is involved in the Honor’s Programs at the university she chose to attend for its good student medical school acceptance reputation. Simmons is also a supplemental instructor and tutors students in general chemistry.


“I hold three one-hour sessions each week, just review sessions basically, and I have office hours where they can come ask me questions,” Simmons said.

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