Tony Hudson

Halls, Tenn.


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Tony Hudson does not know a stranger. As much as he loves talking to people, he wants to turn his gift of conversation into a career.


“I want to be a public relations specialist. I love talking. I love helping people. So, why not bring together the best of both worlds?” Hudson said.


Hudson was initially attracted to UT Martin because it was relatively close to home. Having grown up in Halls, Tenn., approximately an hour away from Martin, Hudson felt that the distance was just right for helping him learn to be more independent. As he began looking at the university more closely, he learned more about the great reputation of the faculty and the fair price of the tuition. It did not take Hudson long to decide that UT Martin was the school for him.


Hudson is very involved around the UT Martin campus. In addition to focusing on his communications classes, Hudson enjoys attending Student Activity Counsel (SAC) events, being a member of the Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB), Alpha Phi Alpha and Alpha Kappa Psi, working at the front desk in Browning Hall and working as an intern with the Office of Alumni Relations.


Some of our donors may recognize Hudson from the “thank you” videos that are sent to those who make contributions to UT Martin. Hudson loves that he has the opportunity to thank those who are helping enhance his educational experience.


To make the videos, Hudson takes a seat in the conference room in the alumni office, uses an iPad and records a special message. It is thanks to our patrons that UT Martin is able to flourish and grow whether it be to help make technological advances, to expand academic programs and buildings or to further enrich the lives of UT Martin students as they prepare themselves to enter the working world.


Also helping prepare Hudson for the working world, the communications department has opened his eyes to the many facets of communications.


"My favorite aspect so far has been having to be well-rounded in every area, not just public relations, but having to work for the Pacer or having to take web design classes or doing the radio." He continued, " The communications department, I can honestly say, prepares you for anything media or communications related in the real world."

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