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Greenfield, Tenn.


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Jordan Galey picked a major that she knew would be versatile as she planned her future. An honors student, management major and student employee in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Galey's future is bright as she contemplates a career after college. As Galey looks ahead at her long-term goals, one day she wants to open an independent, non-profit no-kill animal shelter.


In high school, Jordan Galey was a star basketball player. All her life she planned to continue playing basketball in college, but when the offers started to come in, Galey began to reevaluate her future and decided to focus primarily on her academics. Even so, Galey still enjoys participating in intramural basketball. In fact, her team won the 2014 intramural basketball championship.


Before Galey graduated high school, a gift from her boyfriend opened her eyes to a cause that would become very close to her heart. He surprised her with Roo, an energetic and people-loving adopted redbone coonhound lab mix. Soon, Galey learned that Roo was in line to be euthanized the day of his adoption. It was then that Galey discovered her mission – to give these "death row dogs" a chance.


"He came from a humane society that my boyfriend used to volunteer at. It kind of opened my eyes to how many dogs are being euthanized just because they aren't getting adopted," Galey said.


Galey laughed and added, "So, it's kind of a running joke. My friends call me a crazy dog mom because almost every picture on my phone is of Roo. And I'm always with my dog, always talking about my dog, always buying my dog something. So, I'll probably get picked on for him being in this interview."


In the meantime while Galey pursues her degree, she is finding that her employment in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is providing her with career skills and life lessons.


"I feel like it's helped me with my communication skills," Galey said. "I have to answer phones, answer emails and deal with people face to face. It's kind of giving me a passion for helping people, which I don't think I ever had before."


Whether she's concentrating on her classwork, her honors seminars, her job or Roo, Galey is taking lessons away from every experience she has at UT Martin and is finding ways to apply them in her everyday life.

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