Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why is UT Martin switching student mail from Exchange to Google Apps?
A: With the ever increasing demands on storage in regard to email, the university wanted to find a way to provide students with a larger mailbox to store those email messages. As a matter of cost, Google provides the best service with respect to economy and features. The collaborative features offered in the Google Apps suite will allow students to perform team projects more effectively. One of the best features is that the students will be able to continue using their Google Apps accounts after graduation.


Q: Is my email address changing?
A: Yes, at least in the long term. As we transition to Google Apps, new students will be assigned an email address of the That will be their email address as long as we utilize the Google service. Current students who are using our Exchange system will also be assigned an email address in the same form. IT Services will, however, automatically forward messages sent to the and addresses to the new Google accounts. When Google Apps goes live for all students, IT Services encourages all students to use address for future correspondence. As students graduate, we will be removing the and addresses and will no longer forward messages sent to those addresses.


Q. How do I login the first time?
A. We have a short overview about this. Please read this page.

Q: Will I be able to get my email on my mobile phone or other portable device?
A: Yes. The Google Apps suite provides extensive support for mobile devices, including synchronization of email, calendar, and contacts. Each device might have its own supported set of features, but the overall number of supported devices is much greater than our current email system.


Q. I want to check my mail with mail client on my computer instead of going through the Gmail web interface. Is that possible?
A. Yes, it is possible. Google has successfully tested several mail clients including Outlook Express, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Apple Mail, Windows Mail, and Thunderbird. For more details, you should visit Google's supported IMAP client list.


Q. I tried to access my email for the first time, but it carried me to a page asking me to setup my account and accept the Google Terms of Service. Is that normal?
A. Yes, that is normal. Completely fill out the form and accept the terms of service. You will only have to do that the first time you log in.