The Department of Communications offers concentrations in public relations, media design, broadcasting and news editorial. All students are required to complete internship hours, and contacts with outside agencies and businesses are welcomed.


Students in the public relations sequence can work in non-profit and for-profit organizations and at public relations firms and agencies of all sizes. These students have strong written and oral communications skills, are familiar with social media and basic marketing strategies, have been exposed to event planning and can draft basic media campaigns.


Students in the media design sequence can work in traditional or online news formats, with an ad agency or public relations firm, and in any capacity that requires visual media design skills. Skill sets include web design, photojournalism and familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite of programs.


Broadcasting students are familiar with basic radio and television editing techniques and equipment, have written and oral communications skills and have been trained in public speaking.


News-editorial students have strong written skills, are familiar with layout programs such as Adobe InDesign, have strong interpersonal skills and are trained to ask questions and “get the whole story.”

Contacts by area

Public Relations: Dr. Robert Nanney, 831-881-7546,

Media Design: Dr. Tracy Rutledge, 731-881-7554,

Broadcasting: Dr. Richard Robinson, 731-881-7555, or Rodney Freed, 731-881-7532,

News-editorial: Tomi Parrish, 731-881-7558,


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