English and Modern Foreign Languages

English majors are available for internships and to perform services in transcription, business writing (brochures, manuals, proposals, etc.), journalism, creative writing, tutoring and editing (manuscripts, business documents, journals, etc.). Students can also serve as teaching assistants in writing-intensive courses or as research assistants. Students are familiar with standard research practices, are able to review and summarize large amounts of information, and can assist with digital and hard copy archival work.


UT Martin offers foreign language study in Spanish, French, German and Japanese. Students in these courses can serve as foreign language tutors or translators and can be helpful as teaching assistants in language courses.


Contact Dr. David Carithers at 731-881-7278 or by email at dcarithers@utm.edu to recruit a student intern.


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An internship integrates practical experience with education in a structured, supervised work environment.

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