The University of Tennessee at Martin Department of Engineering cooperative education and internship programs are designed to provide the services of young men and women committed to pursuing careers in engineering to regional, national and international engineering firms. Productive, practical engineering work experience is a fundamental part of a student's education. This concept recognizes the value of the three-way partnership between the UT Martin Department of Engineering, the employer and the student. The engineering co-op and internship programs are administered by the office of the dean of the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences.


All engineering students are required to complete an internship program, or may complete a co-op program in lieu of the internship program. Students have the following two options:

  1. Complete at least a one-semester internship, during which the student works full time under the direct supervision of an engineer for at least 10 consecutive weeks. The internship is normally scheduled after the student has reached junior classification, and is normally fulfilled during the summer between their junior and senior years.
  2. Complete three semesters in a co-op program. A co-op program normally begins at the end of the student's freshman year, provided the student’s grade point average is 2.5 or above. A co-op student normally works three consecutive summers for the same employer, each summer working full time under the direct supervision of an engineer for at least 10 weeks. An employer may prefer that the co-op student work three consecutive co-op periods for a total of one full year. The third co-op work period will substitute for the required internship program. Students who co-op for a full year will receive one year’s work experience toward the four-year work experience requirement for the Professional Engineers Examination.

Cooperative Education and Internship Employer Procedures

A firm seeking to participate in the co-op or internship programs should contact the UT Martin College of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Contact information is:


Tammy Hall, CAP
College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (731) 881-7380
Fax: (731) 881-7375


Normally, students who plan to complete an internship begin seeking opportunities early in the spring semester. A firm may contact the office late in the fall semester to seek an intern for the following year, and can have the position description posted on a website maintained by UT Martin. The students seeking internships will have their resumes made available to interested firms, which can either contact the student directly or have the college notify selected applicants. If the firm would rather interview applicants on campus, the college office will coordinate these visits.


The goals of the co-op and internship programs are to provide creative, motivated engineering students to assist the employer during the work period, and to develop prospective engineering employees who understand the company and its organization, products and procedures. No employer is under any obligation to offer permanent employment to the co-op or internship student upon graduation, but many companies find co-op/internship positions to be valuable recruiting tools.


Co-op/internship positions must be supervised by an engineer. The supervising engineer is required to complete an evaluation form at the end of each summer or semester work period to assess the student’s progress and abilities. Students are required to submit bi-weekly reports to the dean’s office throughout the experience, as well as a final report at the end of the summer or semester work period.


Rate of pay depends on the responsibilities of the student. The pay rate for most positions ranges from $13-20 per hour. To receive degree credit for the course, students are required to register for the course, pay applicable fees and work full time under the supervision of an engineer for a minimum of 10 weeks. Since the student is working full time, he or she should not plan to take any courses at UT Martin during the experience.


Once a student has an offer of employment for a co-op or internship position, the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences representative will:

  1. Confirm the employment offer with the employer and ensure the work assignment meets the requirements of the program, and
  2. Communicate with the supervisor to ensure that the student will be evaluated at the end of each work period. The student will not receive credit for the internship or co-op course until the final employer evaluation is received by the college office.

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