Roane State Community College Transfer Table

UTM Course Hours Roane State Equivalent
ACCT 201 3 ACCT 1010
ACCT 202 3 ACCT 1020
BIOL 110 4 BIOL 1010
BIOL 120 4 BIOL 1020
BIOL 140 4 BIOL 1110
ZOOL 251 4 BIOL 2010
MBIO 251 4 BIOL 2230
CHEM 111 4 CHEM 1010
CHEM 112 4 CHEM 1020
CHEM 121 4 CHEM 1110
CHEM 122 4 CHEM 1120
ENGL 111 3 ENGL 1010
ENGL 112 3 ENGL 1020
HIST 121 3 HIST 1210
HIST 122 3 HIST 1220
HIST 201 3 HIST 2010
HIST 202 3 HIST 2020
MATH 210 3 MATH 1530
MUS 111 3 MUS 1030
PHIL 120 3 PHIL 1030


PLEASE NOTE: This transfer table is not a comprehensive list of all transferable classes. Rather, this page displays courses that are eligible to fulfill general education requirements for UT Martin Bachelor Degrees. If you are looking for a specific course and it's not listed here, please use his link,, to view the comprehensive transfer tables provided by our Registrar.


The Office of the Academic Records is responsible for evaluating transfer credits and awarding credit.
Once all transcripts have been received and the grades posted to the UT Martin transcript, the student will be able to review the credit received on Banner Self-Service. The UT Martin course number for equivalent courses, or the designation LD for lower-division credit and UD for upper-division credit if no equivalent course exists, will be posted to the student’s academic transcript. LD and UD credits may be applied toward degree requirements that do not designate specific course number requirements (e.g., Art LD might fulfill a non-specific art course requirement or a general elective). The student’s academic advisor will use the CAPP degree audit to identify how each of the transferred courses may be used to satisfy specific degree requirements.

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