Welcome to our crazy photo gallery!

As you'll see from the pictures, the English Society has a lot of fun.

These pictures were taken in Spring 2011, during the English Society's first Pie-Your-Professor event.

Students and faculty could pay $5 to pie some of our favorite professors: Chris Hill, Charles Bradshaw, Lynn Alexander, David Macbeth, and Mattie Davenport.
Mattie Davenport was the "winner" of the event--she collected over 9 pies!

Pictured (from top left): Dr. Bradshaw, professor, and Mary Beth Gunn, student; Dr. Chris Hill; Dr. Hill and student; Dr. Hill and student; Dr. Hill and student; Professor Mattie Davenport.

Dr. Bradshaw gets pied! Dr. Hill takes a pie Dr. Hill is a popular teacher! Dr. Hill gets another! Another brilliant throw at Dr. Hill! Mattie Davenport gets a cupcake horn to match her pie-covered hair