UT Martin's social and service organization for all of UTM's English nerds!

What we do:

1. Play around at vocabulary Game Nights
2. Organize every fall's English and Modern Foreign Languages picnic
3. Start book drives
4. Run monthly "salons"--informal discussions with professors on various topics
5. Fund and judge local high school writing contests
6. Organize fun activities, like this semester's Pie-Your-Professor
7. Participate in nation-wide conventions, like AWP.

Latest Salon:

The Undead: Dracula and his Descendants in Literature and Film

Dr. Jeff Longacre, professor of English, led the salon for the month of March. Approximately 10 people attended this salon, and the conversation was lively! Dr. Longacre led the group into a discussion on the evolution of the vampire, from the early novel portrayals to the classic horror flicks. Here are just a few of the questions he addressed:

•Why are we so fascinated by vampire tales in particular? Why not other mythical creatures, like werewolves?
•What makes Dracula so attractive?
•How have portrayals of vampire been affected by the society in which they were depicted?

Student commentary had a wide range on these topics. Some students expressed ideas related to vampiric sexuality. Anne Rice's openly sexual novels were cited as examples of how vampires have gone from bloodsucking fiends to tragic, sexually ambigious, heroes.

Make sure to attend April's literary salon!


Upcoming Events

The month of April is a busy one for the entire campus, and English Society is just as busy.

Day of Silence

Rainbow flagOn April 15th, we'll see you in the quad! The English Society is uniting with Allies on the Day of Silence, a day commemorating individuals who suffer from homophobic bullying. Thousands of people, mostly teenagers, commit suicide every year because of severe bullying focused on sexual orientation. Allies, UT Martin's LGBT organization, fights against bullying in all forms--and the English Society is right behind them! On April 15th, we will observe a day of silence, to represent the silence imposed on LGBT individuals by a society that still does not equally accept the LGBT community. At 5pm in the Quad, we will break our silence with readings and prayers to celebrate the LGBT community and traditions. We'll see you there!

April Salon

On April 18th, the English Society will be hosting our next salon. Dr. Leslie LaChance, professor of English, will be leading students in an enactment of segments from two plays: Angels in America, and The Lamarie Project. These plays, in celebration of April's LGBT Awareness Month, are focused on gay and lesbian rights, and the reaction of community to homosexual individuals.

Both Angels in America and The Lamarie Project are widely recognized plays in national theatres. Information on these plays can be found here: Angels in America, The Lamarie Project

So at 5pm at the Looking Glass, come watch the English Society set the stage for a LGBT-friendly UT Martin!