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Placing AED's in every school in the Kiwanis Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee District was adopted by the district as its Major Emphasis project for 2007-2008. The Martin Kiwanis Club determined that it would obtain funding to purchase an AED for every school in Weakley County. Thanks to the hard work of club member Misty Menees, all Weakley County Schools now have AEDs in place and the faculty and staff have been trained in CPR and AED use by Martin Fireman Jamie Summers! In addition, the Adult Education Center now has an AED, and the UNIMIN corporation in Gleason will be funding a mobile unit for Gleason athletics to take on the road. The Martin Kiwanis Club has purchased a mobile unit for Martin Middle School athletics in honor of MMS seventh-grader Trey Parks, whose life was recently saved by such a unit while on a road trip to Murray, KY. A mobile unit is being puchased for Westview High School, and additional units will be purchased with funds recently raised through community efforts and through a WCMT telethon for AEDs. During the 2010 Soybean Festival, another $3300 was raised for the project! The Martin Parks and Recreation Department recently received an AED to be used at the park complex south of Martin. This unit was donated by Martin Kiwanis Club member Shelia Bell in honor of her father. Thanks so much to all of you generous donors!!!!!!!

What is an AED? An Automated External Defibrillator is a small portable device that checks a person's heart rhythm, decides if the rhythm is "off," and gives the heart an electric shock that restarts the correct, natural rhythm. This device is used whenever a person suffers from sudden cardiac arrest. With minimal training, teachers, principals, coaches and others can easily operate one of these devices. The AED is a life-saving device!

The Martin Kiwanis Club members send a sincere thank you to the community for supporting our fundraisers and to the Gleason Clinic, Martin Medical Center, private donors, the Martin Rotary Club, Wal-Mart in Martin and the Dresden Rotary Club for financial assistance in making it happen.  Your funds have provided AED units that in the future might well save the lives of some of our students. Our most hearty thanks also go to Martin Fireman Jamie Summers who volunteered his time to train the faculty and staff of all of the school systems in Weakley County. Thanks, too, to the members of the Martin Citizens' Police Academy who purchased an AED training unit which Jamie used to train those who might have to use the units. Thanks also to Paul Tinkle and the WCMT team for raising additional funds during a mini-telethon.

See related photos below.

Fireman Jamie Summers trains teachers and staff members at Sharon schools.

Martin Kiwanis Club made the District Honor Roll for our efforts with the District AED Program.

Along with the defibrillator, a wall cabinet is purchased to house the unit.

Martin Fire Department EMT Jamie Summers demonstrates the AED to Kiwanians Steve Lemond and Tammy Hazlewood.   Summers has dedicated himself to training all of our local school faculty and staff as well as overseeing the installation  and registration of each AED we purchase.

Martin medical Center made a $250 donation towards the Martin Kiwanis Club's AED Program.  VP Tammy Hazelwood is shown accepting the check from Bryan Bradberry who challenged other medical clinics to do the same. The money went towards the AED unit purchased at Martin Elementary School.